Xavier M. France

The club foot of my own horse has always given me much to think about, especially when trimming it... even after double-checking my HPT trim, I always had some little doubts – is that heel plane where it should really be... The DBHL just took away all these little doubts. And yes, it showed me that I had to do some minor adjustments. But then my horse displayed the best footfall ever. Especially on that club foot. DBHL = must have tool.

T.Jones, UK
Here's what every horse has been waiting for! Have had mine for 2 weeks. This is a totally fantastic tool, easy to use and makes establishing balance, verifying balance and communicating the importance of balance with clients easy. 

L Fullmer, Utah

I wanted to check myself...I see high latteral heel and toe quarter. It was a swipe of the rasp Very cool tool. Works well on everything from size 00 to Clydesdale.