Whether you shoe, trim, train, or  ride, this tool will improve your skills in seeing and confirming hoof balance. This tool is Ideal for Veterinarian, Equine Chiropractor, Alternative Health Care Provider, Trainer, and Horse Owner that wants to be able to evaluate hoof balance and communicate their findings to the farrier/hoof care provider. 


The Dynamic Balance Hoof Level is the first tool to offer a reliable plane of reference that when followed results in repeatable balance. The Dynamic Balance Hoof Level presents a plane of reference for the axis of the foot, allowing the farrier/trimmer to establish balance in all horses, even those with less than ideal conformation.

Whether you subscribe to theories presented by Mike Salvoldi, Gene Ovnicek, KC La Pierre, Dave Duckett, or the ever growing population of hoof experts, balancing around the axis of the foot is central to their work. Though all of these methods have merit, they each present a challenge. How do we balance the hoof to foot without a plane of reference?

Precision Hoof BAlance made easy!